Batterhead Down — Orion Is In The Sky


Batterhead Down — Orion Is In The Sky


    This was my first attempt at a solo effort. I worked mostly with Scott Greenall at Cloud Mine Studios. It’s a mess and the vocals are pretty terrible, but there are some good moments in there too, and the emotions are raw and real. One day I’ll redo some of these songs, but for now…

    released January 8, 2000

    Anthony Garcia – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
    Scott Greenall – Drum Programming

    “Hate” performed by Haphazard
    “Ripe” performed by Anthony Garcia & Emilio Mendoza
    “That World” performed by Scott Greenall & Kevin Sandbloom

    All songs written by Anthony Garcia, except:

    • “Work Song” written by Charles Mingus
    • “Hate” written by Haphazard
    • “Ripe” written by Anthony Garcia & Emilio Mendoza
    • “Overlap” written by Ani Difranco

    This album will be available as a digital download, but if you’re like me and you still like CDs please let us know, and if enough people are interested we will make this album available for purchase in CD format as well.

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