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Anthony Garcia

Creative Director, Musician, Filmmaker, Designer, Luthier

Brian Rife

Director of Operations, Musician, Producer, Actor

Matthew Galvin

Producer, Director, Editor

Kevin Sandbloom

Musician, Producer, Actor

Juliette Gallagher


Evan & Leo


How We Got Started

We were musicians who became friends. Artists who admired each other’s work and enjoyed each other’s company. We were the ones having new ideas and driven to keep making things. We stuck together, and kept creating. Eventually we looked at all we’d made and decided it needed a home.


We are creative people. Inspiration comes to us and we are driven to give the ideas substance. It is what makes us who we are.


Learning to play an instrument well is only for the determined, but the rewards are more than just acquiring a skill. It gives us a new voice for expression.


An idea came that would only be expressed as moving pictures and sound. We learned how to do it one phase at a time, and a new path opened before us.


All our art comes down to storytelling. A single image, a song, a feature film – they all have a story to tell. Stories are how we learn, how we deal with living, and how we grow.


The difference between art and design is that design has to have a purpose. Art can have one, but doesn’t need it. Design helps us tell our stories.


We work with our hands. We make things. Sometimes inspiration comes from a pile of wood. Sometimes it supports the art, and other times it is the art.

It was a pleasure to work with someone who was concerned with getting the best out of their actors, but also kept on schedule.

Jennifer Bobiwash, Content Creator

From their approach to his execution of an idea he communicates, collaborates and pays close attention to detail. I would gladly work with them any time.

Judd Frazier, Videographer, Editor & Actor

…multi-talented. Strong skills in directing, writing, technology, and digital design. As storytelling changes from a linear narrative across a big screen to something that takes several forms, young, multi-talented people like Anthony will lead the way.

Phil Green, Autonomy Entertainment

…a vision for perfection and never lets anything get in the way of it…never compromises integrity and is always out to ensure all projects are the best they can be.

Ryan Ford, Designer @ Pivotshare