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About Me…

I was born in Hollywood in 1974 and grew up in South Pasadena, California where I observed and assisted in film and video production before moving to Santa Cruz, California to study Art History, Electronic Music, and Film and Video at U.C. Santa Cruz.

I’ve been working on big productions for television and film, as well as little artistic short films for years. I enjoy working in a variety of roles throughout the production process, and I have skills from technical production stuff, location shoots, studios, to distribution networks.


Helping to bring long running projects over the finish line, he’s a great collaborator with great ideas, tons of knowledge, tons of skill, and a humble attitude in spite of all that.


A great producer is one who really understands the creative process, so it’s good to have one that has some real experience making things — Matt has written & directed several short films and directed music videos too.


They say that in the editing room a film is written for the last time, and it takes someone with knowledge and technical skill as well as creative vision to really bring a film alive.

Is this what you came for? I didn’t think so. Check Out The Projects