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About Me…

I’m new to all this. In fact I’m still in high school. But it’s interesting and and I’m learning a lot. Plus I like working with these guys. I’m interested in design and entrepreneurship, and this is a great way to learn about those things with good people.

I’m not sure exactly sure what direction I want to go in life, but that’s okay — I have time to figure it out. Until then I’m going to learn what I can and have some fun along the way.

eCommerce Assistant

Learning the ropes is tough, but you gotta start somewhere right? For her it’s been helping to setup the Aught Media online store, so thank her when you make an order.

Social Media Assistant

Yet another opportunity to pay some dues — there are a lot of posts to post, so she’ll be helping with Social Media for all channels.

Festival Submission Assistant

She’s basically like a reverse festival screener — helping to plan our festival submission strategies, and pick which ones to submit to.

Is this what you came for? I didn’t think so. Check Out The Projects