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You have a song? A whole albums worth? We have everything you need to get your music recorded and sounding great.

Film Production

You have an idea for a film short? A feature? We can help you make it. You need a commercial for your product? We can do that too.


Whatever you make it needs to be presented to the world, and we can help that happen – from a flyer to a full blown web marketing campaign.

It was a pleasure to work with someone who was concerned with getting the best out of their actors, but also kept on schedule.

Jennifer Bobiwash, Content Creator

From their approach to his execution of an idea he communicates, collaborates and pays close attention to detail. I would gladly work with them any time.

Judd Frazier, Videographer, Editor & Actor

...multi-talented. Strong skills in directing, writing, technology, and digital design. As storytelling changes from a linear narrative across a big screen to something that takes several forms, young, multi-talented people like Anthony will lead the way.

Phil Green, Autonomy Entertainment

…a vision for perfection and never lets anything get in the way of it… never compromises integrity and is always out to ensure all projects are the best they can be.

Ryan Ford, Designer @ Pivotshare
Film Gear

We have all the gear – cameras, lighting, sound recorders – needed to make a movie. We run small and light and get production done smoothly and efficiently.


We can help in every aspect of filmmaking – writing, directing, casting, location scouting, editing, and the pre-production that makes it all happen smoothly. We’ll help you from start to finish.

Recording Gear

We have instruments galore, mics, amps, drums – everything you’ll need to capture your music…except you.

Music Producing

Sometimes what you really need to bring your music to the next level is a producer with the right ear to take your raw song and make it really sing.

Design & Marketing

Posters, flyers, websites, social media – once what you’ve created is ready it needs to get out into the world and be seen and heard. We can make it look good too.


Maybe all you need is for someone to point you in the right direction. We can look at all you’re doing and make a plan of action for you that will lead you where you want to go.

Ready to get to work?

You have an idea and we’re ready to help you make it a reality. Let’s start the discussion and see how it goes.
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