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Kevin Sandbloom has launched a new crowd funding campaign for his next album, and it works basically as a song subscription. Kevin is a brilliant singer and songwriter, and you should definitely get in on this. You can sign up on his site:

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But if you want to know more before you go off to another link, here is what he has to say about it:

Hello all.

I’m raising money to release a new record and I’m doing something a little different. I’m doing a 12 week campaign, releasing a song a week to contributors in the run up
to the release. Contributors will not only get a song a week, as they’re completed, they’ll get extra goodies depending on the amount of the contribution. I’m calling it a song subscription.

What you get with a song subscription:

Demos of songs, live loop versions, outtakes, live video versions via the Sandbloom’s Bulk Goods YouTube Channel & of course, the finished CD, T-shirts, Lyric Books and more.

There is a simple way to subscribe. You can make a direct contribution through Square Cash or PayPal at your desired level. Your contribution will be added to the running tally and you’ll be notified weekly of the release of new songs, videos and updates about the campaign.

We have a goal of $5,000 a month.

What makes this release different? Why do I need to raise money for this record? I’m going to be doing this release on a bigger level than usual. I need this release to reach as many ears as possible and I need your help. I want to do some radio promo, shopping to tv and movie music supervisors, shopping to labels, big and small and do some festival touring.

Yep, all of that.

But, first things first. I need the music to be as high level, sonically, as possible. I need to have it mixed and mastered and I would like to bring in other musicians and producers in this endeavor. The more money I raise, the better this record will be. I’ve got 12 weeks to make magic and I would love for you to be a part of it.

As you can see, there are a few different tiers and perks for contributions. I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute and I’d like you to feel comfortable contributing whatever you can. You can also contribute as many times as you like.

If I surpass my goal in a month, I will be donating 10% to one of my favorite organizations, Truthout. This an alternative news site that provides a platform for points of view that don’t get much airtime on mainstream media and is crucial for providing the information we need to have truly educated opinions about our world.