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We make movies. We make music. We'll help you make yours too.



1. aught (ôt) pron. Anything at all. Everything.
2. aught (ôt) n. A cipher; zero. Nothing.


Aught Media

Music. Film. Everything. Everyone. Nothing. No one.

We Are Musicians

All the reasons we make music come down to one: because we have to.
It’s how we cope with the challenges of life. Finding the groove is what it’s all about.

We Are Filmmakers

Everything we make is storytelling, and sometimes a story is best told on screen.
Movies are the medium, what inspires us is the story.

Do You Have An Idea?

We can help you bring what inspires you to life – a music video for your band,
a commercial for your product, an album of your songs, or even just a single,
all the way to a complete marketing campaign for your entire project.
See How We Can Help

Recording Studio

We have the gear to record your music and the skills to make it sound great.

Film Production

We work fast and light, and we can bring your idea to life from script to screen.

Design & Marketing

Your project needs to be promoted online and in print, and we can make it happen beautifully.

Let’s take the next step and work together.