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About Me…

I was born and raised in Pasadena California. I got interested in music at a young age, listening it Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, and of course the Beatles. I started playing guitar and never looked back.

I’m a musician, writer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and most importantly, a family man. One might ask themselves how someone with such immense and diverse talents could remain so incredibly modest and down-to-earth? Practice, man, practice… that and a lovely lady and daughter to keep me humble!


30+ years playing guitar, always striving to improve and learn. Also a great bass player — held down the low end for the band the Congregation for years. Now teaching as well, passing on wisdom and skill.


Learning to produce came from a desire to create music from start to finish with one clear vision intact, but led to being a great producer for anyone with a song to sing. And this title doubles for music and film here!


A great collaborator – acting, writing, producing – helping to make the vision into a reality every step of the way. Full of inspiration and passion — turning ideas into real, tangible, artistic expressions — that’s what it’s all about.

Let’s take a look at the work, shall we? Check Out the Projects