A Web Series by Anthony Garcia

Mark is a hitman who makes his kills look like accidents and tries to balance a regular life with his work while the cops and the feds close in on him.

This web series is a strikingly violent, yet humorous look into the life of a man with no conscience, and the struggles he faces both personally and professionally. In everyday life he is a painter, he walks his dog which he loves, he longs to meet a girl – but in his professional life he hones his craft at being invisible, misleading investigators to believe that what they are looking at is just the remains of an accident or a suicide.


Written & Directed by Anthony Garcia.
Story by Anthony Garcia & Brian Rife.


Starring Judd Frazier & Brian Rife. Also with Isaac Wade, Jennifer Bronstein.


Score & Soundtrack featuring music and songs from Anthony Garcia & Kevin Sandbloom.

Status: Pre & Post Production

Season 1, episodes 1-3 available soon. Episodes 7 – 10 are in Pre-Production.





Post Production




Episodes of Mark will be available to view on the YouTube channel soon. There are many more episodes in the works so join the mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date. Are you a fan of the show? Want some Mark gear? See what we have in the shop.

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