a film by Anthony Garcia

Overcoming Going Under is the story of a young man plunged into depression by the tragic loss of his fiancé struggling to come to terms with the voice in his head that he’s heard his whole life…that now seems to be betraying him.


Written, Directed, Shot, Edited & Scored by Anthony Garcia. From idea to execution, Anthony has guided this film every step of the way.


Starring Eric Patton, Jennifer Bronstien, & Ivana Shein. Also Steve Alderfer, Tom Hippler, Jennifer Bobiwash, Elizabeth Swenson, Brian Rife, Ryan Vincent, Isaac Wade, Milan Cronovich, Ian Espinoza, Judd Frazier, and Ron Moon.


Several scenes throughout the film are animated featuring Illustrations from John Brosio, Rob Mack, Jawsh Smyth & Anthony Garcia.


Score & Soundtrack featuring music and songs from Anthony Garcia, Brian Rife, Olises Naranjo & Kevin Sandbloom.

Status: Post Production

This film project was our first, and it was a huge undertaking – we had to learn how to do each step as we got to it along the way. It has suffered delays in the post process, due to personnel changes and budget concerns, but it is close to completion. We plan to submit it to festivals this year!





Post Production






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