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March 2010

IMDb to Add Web Series Category!

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I came across this today – IMDb to Add Web Series Category, So What's a Web Series? Just about the time that Mark will be launching into the web series arena IMDb will be adding a category for us. This is good news! I’m finishing up the edit on the first three episodes…I’ll have more info about the plans for the future when the first episode is complete, so stay tuned!
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Rough Times

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Hey, sorry it’s been so long since I wrote a post. It’s been a rough couple of months. Rougher than the previous year even – I’ve been barely scraping by. I’ve been trying to raise the money to finish OCGU and I did manage to get the first episode of Mark in the can. I’m looking forward to starting the edit on that too. I got certified by Apple in Final Cut Pro too. So some good stuff has been happening too. Anyway, I got inspired to write a post today when I saw that the dvd for a film…
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