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September 2009

The Script

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Of course writing the script is the least expensive part of the the whole film making process right? Well, if you don’t count your time being of any value that is. It takes loads of time, that’s for sure! But you don’t need any equipment. It will be the road map for everything you do throughout the rest of the process so it’s definitely worth taking the time to get it right. They say “writing is re-writing” and at first I thought that sounded silly. It was a daunting idea to think that when I was done writing something that…
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Hello. My name is Anthony Garcia and I am a filmmaker and a musician. I am working on the final edit for my first feature film Overcoming Going Under and somewhere along the way (probably while looking at the budget and trying to figure out how to raise a little money to help finish OCGU) I thought it might be worth while to start a blog about DIY filmmaking. See, I got Overcoming Going Under in the can for a little under $10,000 – and that included the camera! What is considered an “Ultra Low Budget” Film by the Academy…
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